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The cost of services

The cost of audit services

The cost of mandatory or initiative audit decided individually taking into account each company’s business activity (approximately, audit services cost 500-1000 USD per quarter). Annual audit cost starts from 3000 USD.

The above-mentioned cost is approximate and depends on:

- On company’s business activities, for example, if there are any export or import transactions, notes in hand (own or from the third parties), credits, borrowings, any cession agreements, fixed assets, intangible assets, products and goods mix, number of company’s personnel, etc.  

- On the type of the company’s main business direction: construction, investment, leasing, manufacture, retail or wholesale trade, intermediary services.

- On efforts needed. The scope of work depends on the circulation of documents, or on the amount of source documents (agreements, acts, payment orders, consignment notes, cash and credit orders, etc.) and each company’s special features of accounting.


The cost of tax and accounting services

The cost of consulting services is determined individually depending on the sphere of the company’s activity. The minimal price for the consulting services is 300 USD per quarter.


The cost of appraisal services

The pricing for the appraisal services is based on the recommended minimal norms for planning the appraisal assessments in the Russian Federation maintained by the National Council of Appraisal Activity, report №2 of November 18, 2008. and also the minimal rates for the appraisal services in the Russian Federation, maintained by the report № 15 of April 20, 2005 (http//
The exact price and the terms of Appraisal Report preparation depend on the efforts needed, on the information provided (availability of all the documents for the evaluation object) and the dimension of the client’s business.


The cost of legal services

The cost of oral legal consultation – 1000 RUR per hour.

The written legal conclusion – from 4000 RUR.

The cost of statement of claim for the court completion – from 5000 RUR.

Conduct and representation in the court – from 15 000 RUR.